LAMDA Exams & Private Tuition

LAMDA exams are much like musical or dance grades but for acting, speaking and musical theatre. The added bonus is that because they are speech and drama based they are recognized by Schools, Colleges, Universities and employers. (With higher grades counting towards UCAS points).

LAMDA training can help build confidence, improve acting and communication skills and is an obvious choice for any child/teen gifted in drama. Both the Acting and Verse & Prose exams require the students to learn and perform two pieces from memory and answer questions on those pieces.

One to one tuition includes:

  • Voice and Speech techniques
  • Script work using duologues, monologues, poems and LAMDA pieces
  • Acting Techniques

All students will have the option to be entered for a LAMDA exam appropriate to their age/ability in either Spring/Summer and or Winter when ready to do so. I complete all admin and will also be there on the day of the exam for support and last minute prep if requested.

Tuition Price:

Private tuition costs £30 per hour. £15 for half an hour or £10 for 20 minutes.

Payment is due in advance at start of each half term.

LAMDA Exam Costs

LAMDA exams like all graded exams do have entrance fees, which are payable by the student. For full details visit

Points towards UCAS:

What is LAMDA?

LAMDA examinations are run by a London Drama School (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) throughout the country and are designed to equip candidates with a range of skills that will serve them throughout life. They are the equivalent of musical grades or ballet grades but for speech and drama but have more weight as the higher levels count towards UCAS.

LAMDA Exam Areas

  • Acting
  • Speaking Verse and Prose
  • Public Speaking
  • Reading for Performance

Who is LAMDA for?

We recommend LAMDA for students who:

  • Struggle with confidence
  • Need to work on their English
  • Have a gift for drama
  • Are keen actors who want to polish their performance skills
  • Are less likely to gain high grades in mainstream subjects and want to gain UCAS points
  • Improve presentation skills and gain confidence at speaking in public